Bastard Blocklist From Hell

Hosts and networks listed in the level1.txt file have delivered at least 500 spams to our spamtraps in the last 24 hours.

Hosts and networks listed in the level2.txt file have delivered at least 500 spams to our spamtraps in at least one twenty four hour period in the last 7 days.

For more detail on how the zones are generated please see the "How the listings are compiled" information page.

Listed? "Watch me not care", this is an automated blocklist, removals happen automatically when the network stops spamming, or when ASPEWS lists the network. The spamtraps are prefiltered against SORBS and ASPEWS.

To use the list, choose the blocking level, and use it like any ordinary RBL. A good explanation of this is here and here. If you wish to use the list for any other purposes than blocking email at the SMTP level, you're on your own. SORBS has kindly offered to provide the DNS infrastructure for direct RBL queries, this can be configured as (Level 1 listings) and (Level 2 listings) or (Level 1 listings).

The Level 2 zone contains all the networks in the Level 1 zone, you do not need to query both.

If you are trying to be an email BOFH, or you wish to be more agressive, you might want to look at the Level 3 and Level 4 zones.

If you wish to check for a level 1 or level 2 listing you may enter an IP address here:


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